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The thirties were less dramatic than the s or the s for African American protest poetry, but some poets are worth mentioning, In Harlem Gallery To cite this essay: Harris, Trudier. “African American Protest Poetry.” Freedom’s Story, TeacherServe©.

Claude McKay was a famous poet during the Harlem Renaissance. The Harlem Renaissance was a time when African-American writers and artists expressed themselves through their writing and art.

In McKays words, the Harlem Renaissance suddenly bloomed when McKay lived abroad in the s (A Long Way 24 McKay did not think that a Negro bourgeoisie existed in America (A Long Way from Home ). 25 In A Long Way from Home, McKay extensively commented on white modernist writers, including Upton Sinclair, James Joyce, Ernest Hemingwa y.

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of gentrification and new wealth. Harlem is located in Upper Manhattan, often referred to as Uptown by locals. Central Harlem. Claude McKay’s Poem “The Lynching” Addresses Social Injustices in America During the Harlem Renaissance In Claude McKays poem The Lynching, written inMcKay uses imagery, metaphors, and irony to depict the lynching of a black male, presumably in the south of the United States.

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