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Brooklyn Cop

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Brooklyn Cop, by Norman MacCaig is a poem about an American policeman and the daily dangers he faces. The cop appears to be a savage yet we are later made aware of his underlying vulnerability.

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New York’s reputation of violence and crime leads to our awareness of the cop’s fear of. It was written at a time when Norman Mclean was feeling deep sorrow for the loss of his loved ones and in order to help him cope without returning to drinking and depression, Norman wrote stories.

Brooklyn Cop by Norman MacCaig Essay ; River Flows in You Musical Analysis Essay ; 1 ‘Brooklyn Cop’ Norman MacCaig 2 Background The poem, written inis based on an experience that MacCaig had in America.

Brooklyn is a rough district in New Specimen question papers are available for National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher qualifications.

Exemplar question papers are available for Higher and Advanced Higher ” Norman MacCaig uses a rhetorical question, as he wants us all to consider the dangers this man faces on a daily basis; The fact that every working day is a life threatening situation for him is affluent throughout the poem, as is the fierce, tough and unyielding characteristics of this Brooklyn Cop, all of which are necessities in order for.

In conclusion, “Brooklyn Cop” by Norman MacCaig has displayed a varied amount of emotion and this escalates to the point where he is turning dangerous and his responsibilities are being jeopardised.

Norman maccaig brooklyn cop essay help
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